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If you’re looking for an effective route to permanent weight loss and a healthier, more relaxed relationship with food, or if you want to learn to love exercise, enjoy the benefits and feel better about your body, I can help. If you’ve struggled with diets or failed to stick with fitness regimes in the past, I can help you turn things around by working with you to develop a way of eating and exercising which suits you and your lifestyle. Losing weight, keeping it off and feeling positive about your body is easier than you think once you’ve found the right approach.

I am based in Richmond, SW London but work with clients UK wide.

About Me

I help people with a history of failed diets and abandoned fitness regimes to change their relationship with food and exercise for good. I spent much of my own life trying out all sorts of diets, with limited success, before I finally found a way of eating which suits my lifestyle and nutritional needs, and to which I can stick without feeling deprived or hungry. I understand what it’s like to try to stick to a diet which is uninspiring and unsuited to your lifestyle and needs, and how demoralising it is when your attempts at weight loss inevitably fail. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

What I Do

Are you struggling to reach your health, weight loss and fitness goals? Carrying around a little more weight than you’d like? Or fed up of losing weight only for it to creep back on again? I can help. If you have a history of failed diets and abandoned fitness regimes I will help you to improve your relationship with food and exercise. In a short course of one-to-one coaching sessions I will work with you to change your mind set so that you can eat well, lose weight, get fit, feel better and stay that way for good.

Corporate Packages

Research shows that healthy employees are happier and more productive employees. I have spent many years in the corporate world observing how low levels of fitness, poor diet and inappropriate stress/time management strategies have an adverse effect on the performance and enthusiasm of employees. I now work with employers to help them support their staff in their health, fitness and weight loss goals.


Joanne is a brilliant coach and mentor with just the right amount of positivity and pragmatism. Without pushing or dictating to me, Joanne and I were able to pinpoint my goals and I achieved these over the weeks. I feel like I have come forward a great deal from where I started and I feel much happier and more focussed because of Joanne's approach

Sue AHampshire

Joanne’s coaching has been the critical factor in my continuing success. Her supportive and encouraging approach means that I feel in control of my destiny; we explore the road blocks and navigate around them together. In particular nothing about it has felt pressurising or perscriptive, and the goals we set are realistic and achievable. I’d highly recommend working with Joanne

Jamie BIT Consultant, Surrey

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