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I’ve been rumbled!

By November 2, 2012No Comments

Generally I like to exercise on my own and inside, where it’s nice and warm and dry.  But in the interests of trying something new and in getting my partner to do a workout with me I signed us up for a session at Rumble in the Park, an outdoor boot camp style workout in Richmond’s Old Deer Park.

When the time came I was relieved it wasn’t raining, in fact it was a perfect evening for it – not too hot, not too cold.

The class we attended was a mix of boxing and circuits – having never done boxing before I got a useful 10 minute intro from Joe (the owner of Rumble) before the class started.

Intro over, the group of 8 ‘rumblers’ did a brief warm up and then the hard work started – a non-stop mix of boxing, TRX, kettlebells, body weight exercises and battling ropes interspersed with sprints.  We wrapped up with some abs work and stretching, and by that time the lie down on the cool grass was most welcome!  We’d managed to work every body part, and burn some serious calories too.

It was great fun to be outside and to be exercising with other people – both a novelty for me.  The variety of exercises kept the workout from being boring and I felt like I’d got the absolute maximum from my one hour workout.  I’m definitely going back, as long as the weather holds!

If you’re interested, Rumble in the Park happens all over SW London, on weekday mornings and evenings and at weekends.  You can find more details at  Mention my name if you book up, and prepare to be sore the day after your first session!