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Goal Setting

Make your goal a smart one

By November 2, 2012No Comments

So there’s something you want to achieve.  Can you pin it down, in writing, and make it SMART?

Smart means:

SPECIFIC – if you can’t describe it, in detail, how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

MEASURABLE – if you can’t measure your achievement, again, how will you know when you get there?

ACHIEVABLE – your goal needs to be possible, with the time and resources you have available.  Except this can sometimes be an excuse to set the bar at too comfortable a level.  So I guess this one is best summed up as setting a goal which is ambitious and challenging enough to excite and inspire you (and in fact it might even scare you), but which nonetheless is not so far removed from reality that you stand no chance of making progress towards it

RELEVANT – how does your goal fit in with your beliefs and core values?  What you plan to achieve needs to be aligned with what matters to you most – if it’s not, statistics show you are unlikely to achieve it

TIME-DEFINED – this is really important.  You have to have a date.  Without a deadline you’ll drift. What’s another day of not working towards your goal if there is no date by which you have to have it done?  Set a date.

My experience is that the SMARTer my clients make their goals, the easier they find it to achieve them.  Because they know exactly what they are aiming at.

Make your own goals SMART – and make them happen!