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Drink up!

By May 20, 2013No Comments

Most of us already know that we should drink more water – but do we know why?

Our bodies are almost 70% water and water plays a part in every single one of our bodily functions.  If our bodies are dehydrated, they don’t function effectively.


– Carries nutrients around our bodies

– Helps rid our bodies of toxins

– Lubricates joints

– Improves our skin

– Reduces water retention (our bodies hang on to water if they are not getting enough)

– Supports our metabolism, helping us to burn fat more efficiently

– Maximises our performance in the gym

If you’re feeling lethargic or a bit lacklustre before you try anything else try upping your water intake.

We should all drink a minimum of 8 glasses a day – which sounds like a lot but it’s only one glass every two hours.  If you find it boring add some fresh lemon or lime pieces or juice, or experiment with herbal teas.  Your body will thank you for it!