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Why you shouldn’t be put off making a lifestyle change

By January 5, 2014No Comments

I’m guessing if you want to lose weight, you could well have lost some before.  And then put it back on.  And you may have done this more than once.  And you’d love to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

When I meet a new client who wants to lose weight for good, I avoid using the term “lifestyle change”.  Whilst the secret of permanent weight loss and good health is indeed a permanent change in lifestyle, that generally sounds pretty unappealing to someone who’s always seen weight loss and healthy eating as a form of deprivation.

If you’ve only ever reached your ideal weight by cutting down on the amount of food you eat, or cutting out foods you love, you’ve probably also seen weight loss as a project, with a start and end date, after which you can revert back to your pre-diet lifestyle.  And unfortunately this is why diets fail, over and over again.  If you treat healthy eating as a quick fix, or a temporary correction, then you’re never going to make that ideal body permanent.

So what to do?  Well, don’t be put off by that lifestyle change!  But understand that a lifestyle change does not mean being on a permanent dietIf you choose the right foods, you won’t need to reduce the quantity of the food you eat, in fact you may find that you can increase the quantity.  And if you get the basics right, there’ll be no need to cut out the occasional treat either.  You should also find that once you’re nourishing your body with good food (rather than punishing it for being bigger than you want it to be by starving it) it will reward you by giving you more energy and feeling great.

If a lifestyle change now sounds more appealing, approach it slowly – make small changes, one at a time.  One small change you can maintain is going to be far more effective than a big change you can’t maintain, or too many changes all at once.  And give yourself time – good habits take a while to form but bad habits take a while to lose too.

Let me know how you get on!