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No healthy food in the house?

By April 6, 2014No Comments

If you want to eat well, you need to plan to eat well.  If you have lots of healthy food around you, you’ll eat lots of healthy food.

The more you plan, the more successful you’ll be in achieving your goals, as you can look ahead to possible obstacles and problems and put measures in place to overcome them.  So you can ensure that you have healthy food around with some forward planning.  For instance, if you know that next week it’s likely you’re going to have to work late and by the time you get home the supermarket will be closed and you won’t be able to buy food, buy something in advance to keep in the freezer ready for that eventuality.

Set aside some time every week to review what you’ve got in the house and what you might need for the coming week.  If you’ve got three evenings at home, plan for four meals, so you’ve got contingency in case one of your evenings out is cancelled.  If you’re going to be at home during the day, plan for lunches and snacks too.

It sounds obvious, but if you’re at home, hungry, and looking at an empty fridge, or a cupboard only stocked with biscuits and crisps, you’ve not been doing enough planning!

This blog post is adapted from a chapter of “What’s Your Excuse for Not Eating Healthily?” – if you enjoyed it you can buy the book here