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How to make the best use of My Fitness Pal

By April 15, 2014No Comments

Here’s a guest blog from my sister about how she makes good use of My Fitness Pal.  I’ve previously been sceptical about this app, as it’s most commonly used to support a purely calories-in-calories-out approach to weight loss which I don’t believe is healthy or effective.  But here is someone using it to change the quality of what she eats, not just the quantities…

MY FITNESS PAL – A Useful Nutritional Tool

I am on a new journey into eating properly.  I have been vegetarian and ‘healthy’ for many years.  Five portions of fruit and veg has never fazed me, but despite that I have always felt sluggish and held onto my excess weight.

My recent change in approach has been to go low GI.  Trying to up my protein and reduce my carbs.  Not an easy thought for a potato and rice addict!

I stumbled on My Fitness Pal and spotted its less obvious nutritional pages.  Enter what you eat from the vast database of foods, then ignore the calorie count and go for the nutritional information – a table of detailed info or, most usefully, a simple pie chart showing calories from fat, protein and carbs.  Aim for a small blue pie (not real pie, unfortunately, blue is the carb portion of your diet!), bigger green pie (protein) and the red one (fat) sorts itself.  Simple.  It has become quite a project to see just how green I can get it!

Most importantly, ignore the calorie count, and don’t let it rule your life because satisfying, healthy food means you eat less and amazingly I hardly ever go over my recommended daily calorie allowance anyway as with a lower proportion of carbs in my diet I automatically eat less.