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Spicing things up

By October 4, 2015No Comments

active_seasoning_parent3I was recently asked to try out some new spices by Bulk Powders.  They’d seen my post about how healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and suggested that one way to make healthy food more interesting is to add some spice.

Now although I like home-cooked food, I am a very lazy cook, and I’m put off by any recipe with more than about 4 ingredients, so the idea of ready-made spice mixes seemed like a good one.  I’m so lazy it took me several weeks to get around to trying them but when I did I was impressed.

One of the complaints I hear from my clients is that vegetables are boring.  I used the Peri Peri spice to make vegetable chips and wedges – carrot sticks and sweet potato wedges tossed in coconut oil with the spices.  On my first attempt I discovered that a little spice goes a long way – my first batch of chips were eye-wateringly spicy (nothing that a spoonful of greek yoghurt couldn’t cure though).  But once I’d got the “dose” right I came up with some great alternatives to normal chips.  You could use parsnips or celeriac too.

Here are the carrot chips:


I personally eat a lot of meat, but sometimes find it a bit same-y.  So I used the Smoke & Spice mix with mince, onions and beans to make a chili-style dish which I had with cauliflower mash but which would go equally well with a baked sweet potato or some rice.  I also used the same spice mix with some pork, onions and tomato in a casserole – dead easy and really tasty.

I was also sent the Lemon & Herb mix – haven’t used this yet but it smells lovely and I’m planning on trying it out on chicken breasts and fish kebabs.  It’s got to be better than plain old chicken and fish.  In fact adding spice to anything is going to make it more interesting, and if you choose a ready-made mix it doesn’t have to involve a complicated recipe.

Active Seasonings are free from additives and preservatives and have no added salt.  If you fancy trying them out, here’s a recipe they sent me – Spiced Chicken with Quinoa.  As it exceeds my 4-ingredients-only rule I’ve not tried it but I know quite a lot of people do actually like cooking(!) so I thought I’d share.

PS. The spices were sent to me free of charge but I was under no obligation to write a favourable review!