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Why I’m not giving up alcohol for January

By December 31, 2015No Comments

Those of you who read my blogs regularly will know that I don’t believe healthy living has to be 100% perfect or “clean” (the current buzzword) and that I don’t believe you should put your life on hold to improve your health, lose weight or get fit.

So I find the concept of Dryathon January really depressing.  31 days of depriving yourself of something you enjoy, for what?  To go straight back to drinking as much as ever for the rest of the year?  To make January even grimmer than it is already?  To punish yourself for Christmas excesses?  You can’t punish yourself healthier or thinner.

I believe that we should all have some pleasure in our life and I like drinking wine.  So I have a few glasses every week.  Now we obviously can’t be eating treats and drinking alcohol every day without it impacting weight loss or health goals, but it’s far better to allow yourself the stuff you really love than it is to aim for perfection and quick results only to fall off the wagon and then not be able to face getting back on again.  Yes, the results might be slower, but they’re sustainable and the journey is much more pleasant.

So here’s the deal – work out what you don’t want to do without, and then tidy up everything else in your diet.  Like chocolate?  Allow yourself a couple of bars a week, and then tackle the stuff you’re not that bothered about to compensate – the biscuits you eat in the office just because they are there, the leftovers from your kids’ plate, the piece of cake you accept just to be polite.  Like wine?  Give yourself a couple of drinking occasions each week and make healthier choices with your meals to compensate.

Be kind to yourself!

(If you want to read what happened when I did give up alcohol, read this)