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Healthy food is boring

When clients tell me that they find healthy food boring, I ask them to give me some examples. These are some of the more common answers I get:

Cottage cheese (particularly the low fat version)

Yoghurt (once again, usually a low fat version)

Rice cakes

Low calorie cereals


Low calorie/low fat ready meals

Calorie counted sandwiches

Skimmed milk

Lower fat or baked crisps

They all sound pretty boring to me too, and I don’t eat them.

In fact none of those items are particularly healthy. They are just low calorie and/or low fat, which is a very different thing. Low calorie or low fat foods are more processed than the normal versions and have less flavour, although manufacturers usually try to compensate for the lack of flavour by adding additional sugar, artificial flavourings and sometimes salt, none of which is going to do you any good.

So if you find a food boring, don’t eat it. Healthy food can be tasty and satisfying, and if you shop around and try new foods, you’ll find a massive variety of interesting flavours and textures to enjoy.

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