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I don’t want to get too muscly

I’m assuming you’re female if you’re reading this, as I have never heard this excuse from a man.

So let me put you straight on women and muscles.  Women have more oestrogen and less testosterone than men, both of which mean that the growth of large and bulky muscles is inhibited in the female body.  So you won’t end up looking like a man by following a regular exercise regime.  Female bodybuilders achieve their size by training hard and training often, and sometimes by using stuff they shouldn’t be using.

And as a woman you shouldn’t be put off weight training as it offers two real benefits.

One is that the additional lean muscle mass that you do build will increase your metabolism – the more muscle you carry around, the more calories you burn every day.  In fact if you are looking to lose body fat, weight training is far more effective than a program of pure cardio, however much you sweat during the cardio.

The second benefit of resistance training/weight bearing exercise is that it helps build bone strength and ward off osteoporosis.   The National Osteoporosis Society say on their website, “Your skeleton grows stronger if you do regular weight-bearing exercise. This is any kind of physical activity where you are supporting the weight of your own body, for example jogging, aerobics, tennis, dancing and brisk walking.  Weight lifting is another good type of bone-building exercise, where the action of the tendons pulling on the bones seems to boost strength”.

And one other thing to consider – you are not going to suddenly wake up one morning looking like Arnie!  Muscle growth is very, very gradual, so if you are lucky enough to get to a point where you find yourself looking toned and “hard” enough, you can cut back on the weights or change your routine or exercise then.   I promise you that muscles are not going to suddenly take you by surprise!

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