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I forgot my kit

I know someone who turned up to the gym one evening and realised she’d forgotten her leggings, gym bra and top – she had only trainers and socks. She wanted to work out so much that she bought a whole new outfit from the gym shop. Yes, she was loaded (or if you prefer, had more money than sense) and could afford to do this, and I appreciate that not everyone can, but she really did want to do that workout.

I also know someone who forgot his trainers and asked to rummage through the gym’s lost property box to find a pair of trainers in his size – again, not a solution for everyone, particularly hygiene enthusiasts, but he really wanted to do his work out too.

If neither of those options appeals, and you really don’t want to miss your workouts, the solution is to ensure that you never forget your kit again. How do you think you can do that? When you fly off on holiday, do you ever forget your passport? Or the last time you had tickets for a gig did you leave them on the kitchen table when you went out? I am guessing not. Those things were so important to you that you made sure you remembered to take them with you – perhaps you stuck a “don’t forget…” post-it note on your fridge, or put a reminder on your iPad, or located your passport a few days before and put it somewhere close to hand. Do you do any of these things to remind you about your kit?

Or how about a contingency plan? If you go to the gym after work, how about having a spare set of kit in the office or the boot of your car?

If you care enough about something you ensure that everything is in place to make it happen.

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