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I’ll start again on Monday

One muffin or bar of chocolate is not going to undo several days of healthy eating, but so many of my clients see one slip up as a complete failure.

Think of healthy eating as something you need to do 80-90% of the time. The remaining percentage is yours to use how you like. So if it’s Wednesday, and you eat four meals a day which up until now have been healthy, and you’re beating yourself up because you’ve had a takeaway pizza for dinner consider this: that’s just one twelfth of the meals you’ve eaten so far this week. That works out at 8.5% of your meals. So 91.5% of your meals have been nutritious ones. Not bad going, and certainly no reason whatsoever to abandon all attempts to eat well for the rest of the week.

Your diet does not have to be perfect. So don’t beat yourself up if it’s not, and don’t punish yourself further by eating junk for the rest of the week. The key to having a healthy diet is not letting one sub-standard meal trip you up, and to get back to eating the good stuff immediately afterwards.

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