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It’s raining

I’m writing this in the UK, and assuming that you’re probably in the UK too.  So you should be used to rain by now – you know, that thing that comes as part and parcel of our British Summers?  And our British Springs, Autumns and Winters?

If your fitness plans include outdoor activities you’re kidding yourself if you think that you’re always going to be exercising on dry days.  There are going to be whole weeks when it’s pouring down, and if you let the rain put you off, then there will be whole weeks when you don’t exercise.    If you’re serious about your outdoor activity, you need to accept that rain comes as part of the deal, and live with it.

If you are reading this because you’re really not fancying that run/cycle ride/football match you had planned for today because it’s raining outside, have a look at your Benefits List.  Remind yourself why you are doing this.  And then remind yourself it’s only 30/45/60 minutes.  And once it’s over, what could you reward yourself with when you get back?  A nice warm shower or bath?  And won’t that feel great?  Going out in the rain might not feel good but getting back into the warm, dry house knowing that you’ve just ticked off a workout will feel fantastic.

And for the future, consider your clothing – do you need better, waterproof kit?  Investing in more suitable wet weather clothing could make a difference to how you feel about exercising in the rain.

If going out in the rain really doesn’t do it for you, and you aren’t wedded to a specific outdoor activity, why not consider some indoor alternatives so that you have something different up your sleeve for rainy days?   How about fitness DVDs, Wii Fit or a trip to the gym to use the treadmill?   Buy a DVD, look into pay-as-you-go gyms and do the preparation so you have the alternatives readily organised for when the heavens open.


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