After years of making New Years' Resolutions about getting slimmer and fitter, and failing dismally every time, going to Joanne was a bit like "well, I've tried everything else...". I worked with her for 2 months, during which she completely changed my view of food (guilty and calorie counting) and exercise (it's not exercise unless it is sweaty and hard work). I am probably eating more than before, but much better quality food (certainly more delicious!), and have lost 12lbs in 8 weeks with no noticeable effort (and no hunger pangs). She has also made me realise that exercise doesn't have to be punishment with endless crunches, squats and lunges (unless that is what you enjoy)! Her advice and guidance is wise, sensible, realistic and works on the basis that being well and fit is an everyday part of life, not some 'other' project that has to be added onto all the other stuff we have to do. I have found a long term way of eating and exercise which suits me and my mindset now is that I have stopped obsessing about it. And I can still enjoy cake and chocolate! If you have been on the diet roundabout for years, get confuse about whether it is okay or not to eat eggs or butter etc, or are stuck in what exercise will work for you, Joanne can clear all this up for you for good

Debs H-P, Creative Coach, London

I met Joanne to discuss weight loss. I was quite sceptical as have tried every other method you can imagine to lose weight, ranging from magic pills, slimming clubs, numerous books, fad diets and even hypnosis. Some have worked, but the weight has always piled back on, usually within a matter of weeks or months. I was delighted to hear from Joanne that she wasn't suggesting a diet, but that I should change my relationship with food. There was something about Joanne that totally inspired me, she really made me believe I could do it. I left my consultation in a very positive frame of mind, and went for lunch at the local Strada. My first challenge! Lunch would normally include a bottle of wine and some bread. It was a Saturday so very tempting to say "Oh lets start on Monday"!! But no, with very little hesitation I drank water, and skipped the bread. The weird thing was that it wasn't a difficult decision. And this wasn't a one off, I have continued to do this ever since. I now have what I consider a healthy relationship with food. I have had telephone coaching sessions with Joanne where we have discussed my issues and challenges, and Joanne always comes up with innovative and practical solutions, and these sessions have really helped to keep me focused. Yesterday I'm very proud to say I reached my target weight, and it felt incredible. Incredible because its really not been difficult, and incredible that I am confident I will keep the weight off. And that is thanks to Joanne.

Julie W, London

Joanne worked with me to set achievable weight loss/wellness goals that we could measure on a regular basis. I learnt that you can never train your way to weight loss - you really need to think about what you are eating. Even when I occasionally felt discouraged, Joanne was ready to provide great ideas to get back on track. I am very pleased with the results and have learnt some excellent strategies which will allow me to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

Nicholas A, Property Search Agent, London

I had a real problem with overeating when eating biscuits, cakes or crisps. My thought patterns changed after the third session with Joanne when she pushed me to really look at what I was doing…. I am learning to congratulate myself on eating healthily….rather than feeling I am missing out…. The sessions with Joanne have trained my thoughts in the same way my personal trainer is training my muscles. Now I feel ready to take responsibility to go it alone which is amazing in the short time I was with Joanne

Anne T, London

Joanne is a brilliant coach and mentor with just the right amount of positivity and pragmatism. Without pushing or dictating to me, Joanne and I were able to pinpoint my goals and I achieved these over the weeks. I feel like I have come forward a great deal from where I started and I feel much happier and more focussed because of Joanne's approach

Sue A, Hampshire

Joanne’s coaching has been the critical factor in my continuing success. Her supportive and encouraging approach means that I feel in control of my destiny; we explore the road blocks and navigate around them together. In particular nothing about it has felt pressurising or perscriptive, and the goals we set are realistic and achievable. I’d highly recommend working with Joanne

Jamie B, IT Consultant, Surrey

Joanne’s clear, insightful coaching has helped me to take control of my health and well-being, as well as guiding me through a very difficult period in my career. She sees through the clutter and guides her clients skilfully towards a clear understanding of what they need to do to succeed. I would recommend her unreservedly

Gill W, Education Consultant, Essex

Joanne was patient, empathetic and extremely skilled in helping me with my weight loss goals. This is a major issue for me and one that I have struggled with for a long time. I have finally found a coach I can trust to help me reach my goals, and within 7 sessions I lost nearly a stone, which is excellent for me

Jessica M, Kent

The sessions of coaching were very successful for me. They enabled me to fully focus on my goal, which was very specific and time-limited, and enabled me to achieve it. Joanne made me feel supported and confident that I could achieve it

Kay W, Utilities Distributor, Kent

Joanne helped me devise an exercise programme that fitted in with my lifestyle. She encouraged me to consider different ways to exercise to suit my circumstances and reach my goals

Amanda O, Coach, Kent

Joanne has really helped me to identify the things that I allow to stop myself achieving my goals. She has been supportive and insightful and helped me to identify and practise different ideas and strategies around establishing a training routine, identifying priorities and making the small but important steps towards achieving my goals. The regular contact has meant I better plan and focus within a time frame which is helping me to establish good training routines. It’s been great

Jan B, IT Consultant, Sussex